1. Dinosaur Train race
  2. Devin the Dinheirosaurus
  3. Telmatosaurus/Villians
  4. Dino/Bad Boy
  5. Dinoboy/Zoomerblimps
  6. Vlad/Dany Marisaurus
  7. Kosmoceratops/Clean
  8. Colors Royal/Isisaurus!
  9. Brittany/Dorason
  10. Traffic One
  11. Dill and gill/oil
  12. All Aboard!
  13. Dinosaur Train: Theme Song


  1. My name is tiny!
  2. I'm a T-rex!
  3. I Love Trains!
  4. I'm Feeled International!
  5. Troodon Night Train!
  6. Sleep little Dinosaur!
  7. Every Dinosaur Poops
  8. Dinosaur Train: Theme Song


  1. Dinosaur/Hated Christmas
  2. Dinosaur Train: Theme Song

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