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Dinosaur Train Trailer

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Dinosaur Big City Pt. 1 Dinosaur Big City Pt. 2 September 6, 2011 (lessons taught: Laramidia / Theropods) (In General)
2/202 Dinosaur Big City Pt. 3 Dinosaur Big City Pt. 4 September 7, 2011 (lessons taught: Kosmoceratops / Paleontologists)
2/203 Stargazing on the Night Train Get into Nature! November 14, 2011 (lessons taught: Sinovenator and Constellations / Tide pools)
2/204 Shiny and Snakes Tiny Loves Flowers November 15, 2011 (lessons taught: Sanajeh / Flowers)
2/205 Buddy Explores the Tyrannosaurs Rainy Day Fight November 16, 2011 (lessons taught: Raptorex / Beaches)
2/206 That's Not A Dinosaur Tiny's Garden November 17, 2011 (lessons taught: Amphibians / Gardens)
2/207 The Earthquake Nursery Car February 6, 2012 (lessons taught: Ceratopsians / Dinosaur eggs)
2/208 The Lost Bird The Forest Fire February 7, 2012 (lessons taught: Jeholornis / Redwood trees)
2/209 Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest February 8, 2012 (lessons taught: Droughts / Piscivores)
2/210 Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace Rafting The Cretaceous February 9, 2012 (lessons taught: Hurricanes / Rafts)
2/211 Haunted Roundhouse Big Pond Pumpkin Patch October 20, 2011 (lessons taught: Volaticotherium / The Moon)
2/212 Don's Winter Wish Festival of Lights February 20, 2012 (lessons taught: Saurornitholestes / Aurora)
2/213 Dinos A to Z, Part 1, The Big Idea Dinos A to Z, Part 2, Spread The Word May 16, 2012 (lessons taught: Diversity and Gallimimus / Nodosaurus)
2/214 Dinos A to Z, Part 3, Classification Dinos A to Z, Part 4, A To Z Picnic May 17, 2012 (lessons taught: Classification / Yangchuanosaurus and Zigongosaurus)
2/215 Remember The Alamosaurus Sunrise, Sunset August 13, 2012 (lessons taught: Alamosaurus / Nocturnal and Diurnal)
2/216 A Heck of a Neck Gilbert Visits The Nest August 14, 2012 (lessons taught: Diplodocus / Collections)
2/217 An Apatosaurus Adventure Nature Art August 15, 2012 (lessons taught: Apatosaurus / Environmental art)
2/218 Arnie Rides The Flatcar Old Reliable August 16, 2012 (lessons taught: Argentinosaurus / Geysers)
2/219 Tiny and the Crocodile Meet The Grandparents December 10, 2012 (lessons taught: Deinosuchus / Migration)
2/220 The Egg Stealer? To The Grandparents' Nest We Go! December 11, 2012 (lessons taught: Oviraptor)
2/221 Double-Crested Trouble Erma and the Conductor December 12, 2012 (lessons taught: Dilophosaurus)
2/222 Dome-Headed Dinosaur Treasure Hunt December 13, 2012 (lessons taught: Pachycephalosaurus)
2/223 Dinosaur Train Submarine: Otto Ophthalmosaurus King Meets Crystal February 19, 2013 (lessons taught: Ophthalmosaurus)
2/224 Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana Shonisaurus All Kinds of Families February 20, 2013 (lessons taught: Shonisaurus / Sauroposeidon)
2/225 Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus Date Night February 21, 2013 (lessons taught: Mosasaurus / Chirostenotes)
2/226 Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale Rocket Train February 22, 2013 (lessons taught: Archelon)

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