DINOSAUR TRAIN Nature Trackers Adventure Camp PBS KIDS January 20, 201400:31

DINOSAUR TRAIN Nature Trackers Adventure Camp PBS KIDS January 20, 2014

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Get ready for some fun as Mr. Conductor and his nephew Gilbert lead Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and all of their friends on explorations with the Nature Trackers Adventure Camp! Throughout their journeys, the group will find their courage as they race down rivers, have a snowball fight as they climb a tall mountain, ride a zipline over a dense rainforest canopy and even hike down a canyon to dig for fossils, all the while learning about nature and singing lots of wonderful songs that everyone can enjoy and sing along with! Learning about nature has never been this much fun!

1 Rafting
2 Mountain Climbing
3 Zippling
4 Canyon Highking

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                                                              Nature Trackers Adventure Camp:Mountain Climbing

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