Triceratops for Lunch is the 2nd part of the 2nd epsiode


The Pteranodon family are having triceroptops as guests for lunch. Mrs. Pteranodon does not know what they eat so she, Buddy, Tiny, Don, and Shiny go to the train station to find out. They find out tricerotops eat plants and meent Tank Tricerotops and they eat lunch while the pteranodons' have fish and, Tank has leaves. They soon go to the big pond for Rank to eat leaves.



  • Shiny
  • Buddy
  • Mrs.Pteranodon
  • Tiny
  • Don


  • Tank Tricerotops
  • Trudy Tricertops


  • Mr. Conductor

Educational objective

By studying teeth of triceroptops sientists can find out they eat plants.

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